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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nail Biting

As some of you know i am a rather chronic nail biter. Mistress has been trying very hard to get me to stop this bad habit. As a result of me biting my nails last Monday she assigned me the task of writing an essay. She has instructed me to share it here so here it is. And Mistress thank you again for this punishment.

Nail Biting:

The Why’s And The Why Not To’s

By Slave Debbie

There are many reasons people bite there nails. These reasons can include nervousness, stress, hunger, and sometimes boredom or it could even be a sign of a mental or emotional disorder. According to some psychiatrists it could also be an oral fixation. The clinical name for nail biting is onychopagia.

Nail biting occurs in;
• 28% -33% of children ages seven to ten.
• 44% of adolescence
• 19%-29% of young adults
• 5% of older adults
• It is more common in young males

For me nail biting began when I was about three years old. It started around the same time my grandfather’s abuse did. He would lock me in the closet because I would try and run away from him. It was small, dark and very cramped and I was scared and extremely stressed. Which I suppose has also resulted in emotional or mental disorders.

I have tried and tried so many methods to stop the nail biting but so far nothing has worked. I realize it’s not a good habit and I have wanted to stop but I guess the “need” to bite outweighed everything else. Now however, my desire to please is winning out and I am trying harder than ever before to stop.

There are many negative side effects that result from nail biting. I never really gave them much thought before until looking them up on the internet as research for this essay. That’s not saying I did not know but as for the “bacteria” my argument was always that I washed and sanitized my hands so I was killing the bacteria. Not only was this the wrong thinking but there are so many more negative side effects from nail biting.

As I mentioned bacteria is buried under the surface of the nails(where washing and using hand sanitizers will not reach) Biting one’s nails results in the germs being transferred into the mouth. Nail salons will not even use nail files on different customers for this very same reason as it will spread nail fungi, staph bacteria, or viruses. So, anyone can see that many pathogens live inside the nail bed and nail biting can cause many, many health problems.
Some nail biters may even bite the surrounding skin and cuticle.(OUCH) While I am not one of those people I have bitten down to the quick causing my nail bed to bleed. People that do this are susceptible to getting microbial and viral infections. It can be spread between the fingers (or toes)via the mouth.

A negative side effect I really never thought of is that chronic nail biting can limit a person’s ability to function in their daily life. It can limit their ability to work. Such as; writing, typing, or drawing. It can also interfere with driving because of the damage done to the nail and surrounding skin and the anxiety from the appearance of their nails.

While that may not affect me because I write, type and do other activities with my hands most of the day, every day. it certainly may have had an impact on other areas of my life, such as my dental health. As well as teeth grinding my habit of biting my nails may be partially responsible for the horrible condition of my teeth. Again until this research I never even gave that a passing thought. Now that I have I guess it is another reason to add to the growing list of reasons not to bite my nails.

Some other problems caused by nail biting are;

• Red swollen and painful skin around the nails is a sign of infection. This is caused by bacteria getting into cuts , tears, or other openings of the protective cuticle.

• Weak, splitting nails result from biting fingernails regularly.

• Dental problems, since so many nail biters begin in early child hood nail biting can affect tooth formation.

Wow, While I have not had a problem with infections. (on my fingers or in my mouth anyway) I do have weak splitting nails. My nails are always splitting or breaking which gets me to biting them which results in them getting weaker and me biting them. Its just a viscous cycle. I always thought that I just had weak nails. I never thought that is was due to me biting my nails that they were weak.

I found many tips for quitting the nail biting habit some of them easier said than done but here are a few of the tips;

• Reduce stress. HA! This is one of those easier said than done ones So far it has not worked for me but maybe someday.
• Catch yourself in the act and mark it down every time you catch yourself starting to bite your nails. Since nail biting is an unconscious habit it really helps to know the triggers that cause it. Such stress resulting from work or an argument with a loved one.

• Paint them, make them look pretty, if you do though use a strengthener as a base coat

• Get sculptured nails, these are tough and can’t be bitten and will allow your natural nails to grow underneath.

• Set up a reward system

OK while number one is damn near impossible and number two while possible does not always work since sometimes it is too late by the time I catch myself I have to admit I loke 3, 4, and 5. *grin* In an effort to stop biting my nails I have been painting them. Trying to make them look pretty in hopes that I won’t bite them. Sometimes it has worked sometimes it has not. I used to have sculptured nails and it did work. My nails grew quite long underneath the fake ones and they looked so pretty. That is until I could not get the ridges filled in and they started popping off.

And well using a reward system. What can I say? What slave/sub doesn’t enjoy a nice reward. Even something simple can be a reward the longer one goes without doing it the better the reward. While I do like this idea I have to confess it has not worked for very long in the past but who knows. The past is the past and I have even better reasons now than I did before.

Mistress I thank you for this punishment. I know I deserved it for once again destroying your property. It has been an eye opener as to what nail biting can cause. While all are excellent reasons Mistress my biggest reason is to please you and I know that this habit is not pleasing to you. I am trying harder than ever to stop and your slave thanks you from the bottom of her heart for your patience with her.

Your slave/pet

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poem~I Never Saw Your Face

I Never Saw Your Face

Never did I see your precious face
Nor did I get to count your fingers and toes.
I did not get to hold you in my arms,
or rock you to sleep and kiss your little forehead.

You were my child, my sweet little baby.
Yet you never took a breath of life.
Your heart was stopped before you had the chance.
You never felt Mommy’s gentle touch Or saw Daddy’s loving smile.

You were taken from us before life had a chance.
Robbed of all the wonderful times we would have
Robbed of hearing your giggle, and seeing you smile
It all seems so unfair.

copyright(c)Debbie F. 2002